3 reasons why your church should start live streaming.

There are many reasons to start live steaming your church.  Almost all the reasons can be categorized into these 3 reasons.

1.  Outreach

Why do retail stores put their items in the front windows.  To show people what they sell and draw them in.  When you stream your services it allows people who are seeking God to “window shop” your church.  Seekers want to know if they will fit in at your church or not.  When you live stream it shows that your not singing Gregorian chants or handling live rattle snakes.  It shows who you are.  A group of normal people who are broken and have received forgiveness.

2.  Staying connected

Very few of us can make it to Church 52 weeks a year.  Whether it’s sickness, business, vacation, job schedule, weather, location, and the list goes on, its hard to make it to every week.  Streaming allows people to stay connected to the body of Christ even if they can’t be there in person.  Imagine a single mother who’s child gets sick and she has to miss Church.  This woman desperately needs connections with other believers.  But now she has missed Church and probably won’t go to small group this week either cause she can’t contribute anything to the discussion about the sermon.  She has just missed two of the most meaningful times to connect with people.  However, the church that live streams allows her to worship, give, and learn at the same time as her fellow  brothers and sisters in Christ.

3.  Special events

This is the most practical reason to stream.  When a Church live streams it allows Grandparents who live on the other side of the country or the world see little Sally play an Angel in the children’s Easter play , or little Joey play a sheep in the Christmas pageant.  It also allows friends and relatives see someone get baptized or a child get dedicated to the Church.

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